Nylon Suture 2-0 (Cod 164t) Dozen Bless Hospital

2-0 nylon suture is a reliable material used in surgical procedures to close wounds and promote proper healing. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and established clinical practices to ensure safe and effective use.


2-0 nylon suture is a material used in suturing procedures in hospital settings. This suture comes in a box containing a dozen units, providing an adequate supply for various surgical interventions.

Nylon is a durable and strong synthetic material that is commonly used in sutures due to its strength and flexibility properties. The 2-0 size is suitable for a variety of applications and allows for safe and precise suturing.

Nylon suture is used to close wounds and secure tissue during healing. Its resistance allows the integrity of the suture to be maintained during the healing process.

It is important to follow proper suturing techniques and use the proper instruments to obtain optimal results. The use of a sterile suture and the application of aseptic practices are essential to minimize the risk of suture-associated infections.


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